About Us

Well.. First of all thank you for wanting to know more about us!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Aditi, founder and designer of House of Anecdotes and this is my story.

I graduated from NIFT in 2016 with a major in Fashion Design and was really excited to start working with a Kids wear label as an assistant designer. Like all other graduates, I too wished to upgrade form my college wardrobe and buy some pretty yet functional and comfortable clothes for my new adult life. Now, Imagine my disappointment when upon hours and hours of search, all I could buy was a pair of denims, a very cliche looking ‘work wear pants’ and a few tops. I couldn’t find many modest cotton dresses that I could wear in the metro, then to work and then to maybe a get together with friends after work. Every store was the same, either the clothes were poly blends, or too body hugging to be comfortable, or just didn’t match my vibe and that’s when I decided to do something about it.

So, after about an year, me and my mum started this sweet little thing called Anecdotes- a design label for comfortable, functional and versatile women’s wear for modern Indian women.

About the Label

We are a young Indian fashion label ‘ANECDOTES’, meaning short stories, fables. We started taking baby steps in the spring of 2017 and have been working hard ever since to dress women of the world in ethically made, fair-trade comfort clothing.
Our work exhibits a blend of aesthetically pleasing hand embroideries with beautiful woven fabrics. We believe that a blend of culture and fashion defies the barriers of age and time and such fashion is an absolute necessity in today’s fast paced world of mass-production.

Each of our piece is meticulously hand-crafted and love made with the intention of promoting slow fashion. We try to minimize our plastic usage and waste production as much as possible, therefore, we make our packaging material from fabric scraps, and keep looking for ways to be a more sustainable brand.

With each garment, we attempt to voice an Anecdote to our beloved customers, helping them understand and relate to the product and create anecdotes of their own.

So, have a look around, maybe you will find something you adore and you might end up with a piece of clothing that becomes YOUR essential must have!