8 Stylish Indian Women’s Outfits For Work - What Women Should Wear To Feel Powerful & Professional

8 Stylish Indian Women’s Outfits For Work - What Women Should Wear To Feel Powerful & Professional

8 Stylish Indian Women’s Outfits For Work - What Women Should Wear To Feel Powerful & Professional

A woman's work wear doesn't only define her professionalism but also gives an indication of her personality as well. When it comes to choosing the right Indian women's outfits to wear at work, you don’t want to focus on just one aspect, instead, you want your outfit to be able to present all aspects of your personality in a positive way! Isn’t it? Now the question arrives, where do you find the outfit that lets your confidence shout out loud at work? Well, You don’t have to search further. Because we have put the stylish & trendy work wear that Indian women should wear to feel powerful and professional.

Here are a few of the best women’s outfits to slay at work.

8 Women’s Work Outfits For Stylish Yet Professional Look

1. Moon Child Linen Striped Dress


Moon Child linen Striped Dress

The Moon Child Linen Striped Dress is a knee-length dress with upfront wooden buttons and a side tie lace in a similar fabric. The linen fabric is perfect for providing you utmost comfort in meetings and in the workplace. This dress is enough to make you feel powerful and professional, no matter where you are! You'll never have to worry about feeling unprepared again when you're wearing this dress.

2. Check Pattern Meher Printed Saree


Check Pattern Mehar Printed Saree

Workwear is more than just the clothes you wear to work. The right workwear can make you feel powerful, professional, and stylish, and wrong does the opposite. The office dress code may vary depending on your company, but there are certain items of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe for everyday workwear. Being a working woman who wants to appear smart & confident at work, needs more workwear than casual ones. One such item to add to your wardrobe is a simple gray saree with a checked pattern, black tassels on pallu, and a simple zig-zag lace at the bottom hem. In India, this outfit can never go wrong!

3. Suryamukhi Cotton Kurta Set


Suryamukhi - Cotton Kurta Set

With Surya Mukhi Cotton Kurta Set you can create a classic, professional look for the office. The yellow fabric is buttery soft and has off-white beautiful stripes on it. Plus, It is also buttoned up at the neck to keep the look professional. And, it comes with a white cotton pant that has floral details on them.

I love this outfit because it feels so comfy and still looks put together enough to have people take me seriously in the workplace! With the wide comfy pants and sleek long kurta, I feel confident moving around from desk to meeting or conference room table without worrying about what my clothes might do or who may get a peek of them if I bend over.

Plus one more thing I really love about this kurta set is that it matches pretty well with my most oxidized jewelry.

4. Rivaah Printed Cotton Kurta


Rivaah Printed Cotton Kurta

Working women are always on the lookout for an outfit that is comfortable yet professional. It can be challenging to find an outfit that balances these two things well and doesn’t look old fashioned. You will find it easier if you start with a kurta, that is easy to wear and has a design that suits your style and is also in trend.

Well, our Rivaah Printed Cotton Kurta has all you need to feel pretty + powerful at work. This black and gray kurta is perfect for office wear as it looks elegant and formal. The beautiful peach folded sleeves with buttons add a touch of charm to the outfit, while the floral stripes make it interesting enough to keep you engaged all day long!

5. Hannah Peach Short Top


Achieve an effortless professional look with this pretty peach top. The reason it’s perfect for the hot days because it’s Made from shiffli cotton fabric. House of anecdotes designed this super comfy top for working women who want to look fabulous without compromising the comfort. The top is baggy enough to let you enjoy the comfortness and stylish enough to feel confident throughout the day. The best thing is, our Hanna peach short top isn’t limited to style one way. Someday, you can team it with denims, trousers or even leggings for a great everyday outfit.

6. Chamomile Floral Print Tunic Top 


Chamomile Floral Print Tunic Top

The floral printed fabric is a great way to incorporate an empowering feminine touch into your workwear. The long designer sleeves of the chamomile printed tunic top will keep you warm and comfortable on those cold days. 

This top can be worn with jeans or shorts for a casual look. Also with tailored trousers for a more professional appearance. You’ll get all of the comforts in our chamomile floral print tunic top that also has beautiful tassels hanging on your neck. I love pairing it with black leggings and nude heels (or flats) to make the outfit look extra chic!

7. Sacred Grove- Cotton Kurta Pant Set


Sacred Grove- Cotton Kurta Pant Set

The new Sacred grove cotton kurta pant set from the house of anecdotes has a feminine touch with vibrant prints and bold silhouettes. We all know that a cotton kurta is a timeless, versatile wardrobe piece for Indian women that can be styled in many ways. If you're looking for the perfect workwear kurta, we recommend this floral printed kurta that comes with a fresh bold print with a dark green loose elastic fit pant. For maximizing your charm, we recommend styling it with nude heels.

8. Pritha- Cotton Saree With An Unstitched Blouse


Pritha- Cotton Saree With An Unstitched Blouse

The peach cotton saree is a must-have for any woman who is looking to feel robust and proficient at the office. The color has an air of mystery that makes it eye-catching, and the woven striped pattern gives it an elegant touch. This peach cotton saree would be looking perfect with a mustard-colored zig-zag embroidered lace on it that matches the unstitched blouse piece that you can get designed and tailored according to your style.


While it might be tempting to wear all black for a business setting, this choice is too common and doesn’t help you stand out. The key is to dress like your own boss by adding a pop of color, personalizing your look with a statement necklace or earrings, and donning a stunning outfit. Whether you work in an office setting or an environment that requires a uniform that looks professional, these eight women’s outfits from the house of anecdotes will help you look stylish without sacrificing professionalism.

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